As I was riding over the hills
saw a young man watering his horse.
I got close to this boy,
I asked him his name,
It was the same as mine.
And his address,
I lived at long ago.
I talked to this boy.
Listened to his dreams.
They were my own.
I just wanted to thank you so much for all you’ve done for me. The camping trip was amazing! I really had the greatest time. You guys are so genuine, warm and inviting. I love hanging out with you guys and hope, it can happen often. I appreciate everything from the bottom of my heart. I really do. I hope, I see you guys soon! I hope, I’m not beaten to the point of being unrecognizable. Miss you already. Love I think even if Louis and Harry are not in a relationship, they will always be soulmates I turn on the music
And turn down the lights
Then I go dancing
With my shadow
Justin turned the last page of the book
and sat for several minutes
in the shadows of his bedroom
What type of a man is your hometown?

A really handsome man
Not as young, not as innocent
With a lot of experience
But still full of energy

Are there male characters from history you admire?

Yes, Jeanne d’Arc for example
A great man
Pooler doesn’t approve
he thinks
they are too skinny.

And yet he likes Daniel?
Presque Rien

Mathieu said, he had trouble sleeping

- Come on, Mathieu, please
- You are my little Prince Charming
- Looking for someone?
- I don’t know
- He’s not with you?
- Forget that (c’est presque rien)
We are what we are
and nobody can change us

Because of this we have had to learn
to swollow the aches of humiliation

Perhaps now our exile is over
ah! There is hope in dust
thrown up by the wind

Out past the paper
out past the plastic
comes the music
- Et on fait quoi, après ?
- Bof, j’sais pas... Un scrabble ?
So, why did Billie Joe McAllister jump from the Tallahatchie Bridge? THIS IMAGE
A 100